How to contact us?

Personal contact with the client is most important for us. However, having regard to the client's availability, to make the contact quicker and to advance actions to be taken on the client's behalf, we suggest contacting us by E-mail or phone.

Can you rely on us?

Be believe that mutual trust is fundamental for efficient cooperation. Therefore our clients are guaranteed absolute confidentiality. Please bear in mind, that legal advisers are bound by the professional secrecy specified in:

  • 1. Article 3 paragraphs 3-6 of the Act on Legal Advisers of 06 July 1982:
  • check iconLegal adviser shall maintain the secrecy of anything they have learnt in connection with provision of legal assistance.
  • check iconThe duty of professional secrecy may not be limited in time.
  • check iconNo legal adviser may be released from the duty of professional secrecy of any facts they have learnt when providing legal assistance or conducting a case.
  • check iconThe duty of professional secrecy shall not pertain to information disclosed under provisions of the Money-Laundering and Terrorism Financing (Counteracting) Act of 16 November 2000 (Journal of Law of 2003, no. 153, item. 1505 as amended). - to the extent specified by those provisions;
  • 2. Legal advisers oath, under which each legal adviser is obliged to professional secrecy;
  • 3. Article 9 of the Code of Professional Ethics, under which duty of professional secrecy in relation to all obtained information is fundamental for the client's trust and proper provision of legal service. Duty of professional secrecy guarantees freedom of person and proper functioning of the system of justice.

Ways of determining remuneration

Remuneration for legal service is determined individually with each client. Provided that it is possible to precisely determine the scope of required labour input and the client's expectations in terms of the service duration, remuneration can be pre-determined. This particularly applies to legal opinions, draft of contracts or pleadings. Some services, in particular representation before courts and negotiations, can be settled on the basis of time sheet. It is also possible to use flat rates for different services e.g. court proceedings.

Depending on the accepted forms and principles of cooperation, legal services are settled periodically or for subsequent stages of service.

We remain flexible in this regard and adapt to the client's expectations and possibilities.